It's not just unforgettable, clever, or's the WTF impression you get out of it - figuring it out and etched in your brain like your first kiss  - go ahead & try to forget it. Not possible huh? A domain name so sexy but it's not even trying to just is.

"Begin with the End in mind".    

                       Steven Covey

...and this, my friend, is why this domain is so powerful. We start the "match" from the "end" and bypass the superficial. Do you understand? More will be revealed to the prize winner.     


Hello Mx. Marketing Director. How much did you budget for your ads this year? I've some incredible news for you: a certain huge, big, omnipresent and famous website has already done that for you. To remember a product without even trying is a marketer's wet dream come true. Your job, when you accept it, is to design an out-this-world website so they'll come back (with my help, of course). I've already done 50% of the work for you.  A killer name to die for that sticks to your brain like a piece of gum on the train platform - all without tying and having seeing it only once!

Now go to and be the winning bidder. Should you become the lucky winner, I will help you with a KILLER IDEA that will make you the envy of your class. (You will need to have your developers in place ready to work).

Congratulations! Take control of your own future today!  

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